Why a Good Real Estate Agent is Essential for Sellers

by Louise van Zyl • 2 MIN • 319 Words

Why a Good Real Estate Agent is Essential for Sellers
As the world becomes more digitally-driven, many sellers are questioning the need for real estate agents in their property sales. However, there are several areas where a good agent can add tangible value to the sales experience.

Risk Reduction
Selling a property involves navigating a complex web of regulations and laws, and not complying with them can put sellers at risk. A professional agent can help ensure that all legal boxes are checked, protecting sellers from unnecessary liability. Additionally, agents can screen potential buyers to protect properties and belongings from scammers.

Property Knowledge
While there is a wealth of property data available on the internet, a good real estate agent offers hands-on experience and knowledge of the local market. They can help sellers price, position and market their properties more strategically, as well as provide advice on what repairs and improvements are necessary to maximize the sales price.

Negotiation is a delicate balancing act, and professional agents have greater insight into buyers’ motivations and mindsets. They can help sellers recognize when there is room to negotiate, without pushing too hard at the wrong time. Additionally, agents can help sellers avoid buyers taking advantage of the lack of commission on private sales.

Value-Adding Services
Professional agents often cover several costs associated with marketing a property, such as professional photographs, signboards, and flyers. This can save sellers a significant amount of money.

In addition to these key areas, it’s important to note that real estate agents are held to specific professional standards, and can be reported to the Property Practitioners’ Regulatory Authority (PPRA) if they do not live up to their legal and ethical responsibilities.

While there are several options available for self-manage property sales, a good real estate agent is worth their weight in gold for sellers. They offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise, reduce risk, and can help sellers achieve the best possible outcome for their sale.
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