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Welcome to Living in Mossel Bay, where three passionate and skilled co-owners come together to offer a first-class service to property developers, buyers, and sellers. Karin Strydom, Louise van Zyl, and Charne Kellerman form a dynamic trio, each bringing their own unique set of skills and expertise to the table.

Karin, with over 20 years of experience in real estate, sales, and marketing, provides invaluable local knowledge and advice to help match the right property with the right buyer. She is a serious and innovative businesswoman who holds an LLB Bachelor of Laws degree who is committed to providing excellent and relevant advice to all clients.

Louise, with a strong background in sales and marketing as well as environmental services, offers a broad range of expertise in negotiating, communication, and customer service. She is a natural connector who loves working with people and making meaningful connections.

Charne, with a Masters' degree in industrial psychology and experience in corporate and consulting environments, has a passion for people, property, and Mossel Bay. Her skills in building and maintaining strong relationships, accurately pricing and marketing homes, and negotiating the best outcome for every transaction make her an essential member of the team.

Together, Karin, Louise, and Charne have created a refreshing and modern approach to estate agency, characterized by a proactive work ethic, the highest standard of customer service, and client care. As co-owners, wives and mothers, they surround themselves with good people who complement their skill sets, want the same things as them, and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

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